Each Contestant Competing at World's Perfect Pageant & Model Search is required to purchase One advertisement page that will be printed in the World's Perfect Pageant & Model Search Program/Model Look Book.

  • The cost is $250.00. Each contestant will receive a complimentary issue of the Program/Model Look Book at Pageant Check-in.

  • The advertisement page provides an opportunity for each contestant to thank friends, family, sponsors, and include a personal message or quote on a page dedicated just to you! After all, you are an International Finalist and deserve to be showcased in your PERFECT light.

  • Be Creative, use pictures, selfies, favorite sayings, ambitions, your statistics (if you'd like). This page is a valuable keepsake for all of the judges, agencies, and friends and family to see!

  • If you wish to purchase additional Advertisement Pages, the cost is S250.00 per page. Any contestant selling 5 or more Advertisement Pages will be crowned on stage during Awards and Crowning Ceremony. Your title is World's Perfect Cover Girl.

  • The book is 8.5" x 11". The book is printed in black/white.

  • Please submit your advertisement page in a JPEG format to director@worldsperfectpageant.com on or before July 4, 2018.

  • If you need to have the advertisement page created for you, please email your name, title, picture, sponsors and anything you want included on the page. The cost for us to create the advertisement page for you is $25.00. Please call (407) 761-1145 to make the payment or PayPal the payment to director@littlemisscitrus.com.

If you or your team is creating the ad pages, please e-mail a JPEG version of the ad to the International Office. These ad pages potentially could sponsor your entire trip to the International Pageant. Essentially, the ad pages could be a great source of income for you. For example, if you visit local businesses, friends, and family members and collect $50 per business card you collect and collect 20 business cards you have raised $1000. This additional revenue may assist you in paying for airfare, hotel expenses, wardrobe requirements, and the list goes on! Checks may be made payable to Citrus Productions or to yourself.

Please do not be afraid to include fun, candid shots, crown and banner shots, or any photographs that would allow the judges to learn more about you! Perhaps you could include a favorite quote or your community service or career/school ambitions.

The contestants with the most advertisement pages will be crowned World’s Perfect Hostess. She must have a minimum of 5 pages to qualify for this award. Do not forget to give photo credit on your professional head shots, it is a proper and polite gesture. Perhaps making copies of your advertisement pages and framing it to give to those who sponsored you would be a perfect way to thank sponsors after the event.

The deadline for the advertisement pages is no later than Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Please e-mail the pages to director@worldsperfectpageant.com or you may mail a hard copy of each ad to:
World’s Perfect Pageant:
8000 West Broward Blvd. Suite 1210
Plantation, FL 33388

Please do not wait until the final day to submit your ads as we are creating the book now and early submissions are always appreciated.

If you have any questions, you may call the International Office at (407) 761-1145.


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