On this page, we will list all the information for the Man Contestants and Families in preparation for World's Perfect Man.

Congratulations! You will be competing in World’s PerfectMan. Citrus Productions will be hosting the event and we are honored that you will be competing in one of the World’s most fashion forward, exciting, fashion events. No experience necessary. No performing talent competition. Listed below is information for the International Perfect Pageant:

August 1st – August 2nd, 2018. The complete detailed schedule for all contestants is listed on this website here.

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall, 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809. Click here for more information about the location.

Age Divisions: (age as of August 15, 2018)

Man: 16–39 years of age

Areas of Competition:
Each Perfect Man will compete in 3 phases of competition on the Perfect Runway. The energy of the competitions and simple modeling pattern feels like a NYC Fashion Show, everything is designed to spotlight YOU! There will be rehearsals to practice on the actual runway (see Perfect Man Schedule). Each Perfect Man Contestant will be scored on a scale of 1-10 in each of the 3 categories. Each category accounts for 1/3 of his total score. The judges will take into consideration the contestant's modeling ability, confidence, articulation, style, handsome face/physique, and the innate gift of Swagger is he the next World's Perfect Man?

The 3 Phases of Competition and Outfits needed are the following:

  1. Fashion Walk with On Stage Question:
    Each Perfect Man Contestant will be asked a question on the Perfect Runway. He will provide the topics on his application. The questions will be based on his topics. Topic 1 is for Preliminary Competition. Topic 2 is for the Top 15 Final Competition. The answer is timed at 30 seconds and a bell will chime to indicate to the model to finish her answer. Upon completion of answering the question, each Perfect Man Contestant will then model the Perfect Runway in a Diamond Formation (there will be 4 points to stop at, all other modeling is exactly what YOU want to do). For Fashion Walk with On-Stage Question, each Perfect Man Contestant will wear an outfit of choice. It can be any outfit that fits your style, perhaps an outfit you would wear on a night out on the town, a costume, or athletic wear. You may wear accessories of any kind and any shoe is allowed, so have fun and dare to show your personality!

  2. Summer Fashion:
    The Summer Fashion may be any outfit he would wear on a hot summer day. Summer Fashion should look and feel contemporary, casual, and cool. (Pictures available in the 2018 World’s Perfect Pageant and Model Search Information Manual). Accessories are allowed. He may wear any shoe, sandal or barefoot.

  3. Formal Attire:
    Each contestant will model his formal attire on the Perfect Runway. Formal Attire may be suit or tuxedo. Any color, length, one that compliments the contestant's style. The judges will not be looking for any specific style, rather a man who is confident and comfortable on the Perfect Runway.

At-Large Entry Fee:
The At-large Entry Fee is $895.00 and includes Perfect Crown, Banner, Advertisement Page, but if you have won or placed at a Perfect Preliminary Pageant/Model Search, the entry fee is completely waived (a $895.00 value) and you are only responsible to purchase one Advertisement Page that will be printed in the Perfect Program Book. The cost of an Advertisement Page is $250.00.

Advertisement Page Instructions, please click here.

To register it is a simple 4 steps:

  1. Complete the application
  2. Submit a headshot for the Perfect Program/Model Look Book to director@worldsperfectpageant.com
  3. PayPal $250 for required Perfect Advertisement Page to director@littlemisscitrus.com or call (407) 761-1145 with credit card payment
  4. Submit your Advertisement Page to

The Pageant Office will be in touch with reminders, helpful hints, and all other Perfect information and details. I look forward to your participation at World's Perfect Man and look forward to seeing you on the Perfect Runway!

Be sure to visit our Facebook Page regularly for updates and pictures too at: World's Perfect Pageant and Model Search.

International Cash, Prize, and Scholarship Package:
Partial listing: $2,000 cash prize, $15,000 prize/scholarship package, Baron DaParre Photo Shoot, sign with Posche Models International (www.poschemodels.com) and begin a professional modeling career, designer wardrobe, designer shoe collection, cosmetics, collection of designer jewelry, hair care, Perfect Crown and Banner, appear in the Internationally televised Citrus Bowl Parade, sign with several modeling agencies, Embrace Your Hair™ Extensions, and the list goes on. Click here for a list of this year's prizes.





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