Hello Perfect Models, Friends, and Families!

I want to personally welcome you to the 16th Annual World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman, Boy, Young Man and Man Pageant and Model Search Fashion Competition.

This event is one of the most fashion forward, progressive, contemporary, and exciting pageants in the world. We have combined the energy of high fashion modeling with the classic appeal of traditional pageantry. I am so proud and honored to meet the 14th class of World’s Perfect Pageants!

On this website, you will find all of the information you will need to compete at the Pageant this August in Orlando, Florida.

The hotel arrangements, ticket sales, photo/video packets, schedule of events, and wardrobe requirements are included. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the International Office — we are only a telephone call or e-mail away.

It is my vision at World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman, Boy, Young Man and Man to provide an outlet for Perfect Models to compete and thrive in a competitive venue based on his/her ability to articulate their thoughts, stage presence, style and overall beauty! Every contestant competing is “perfect” in their own right, so simply sparkle YOUR way! So many times I am asked “What are the judges looking for?” The answer is simple, “YOU” so allow the judges to truly meet you! The selected panel of judges have been instructed to look for someone comfortable and easy to talk to, someone who represents their age, someone who has a sense of confidence and style! This person could be you!
World’s Perfect Pageants are not your typical-style pageants, it will be more like America’s Next Top Model meets a classic pageant. The Perfect Models will not be given specific walking patterns, but mere suggestions so that each may shine and not feel intimidated by a specific routine when it is his/her turn to grace the stage for the On-Stage Question, Summer Fashion or Swimwear Fashion, and Formal Attire. In watching Victoria’s Secret International Fashion Show, we are strikingly similar in style, energy, and appeal.

Citrus Productions has worked an entire year to create this fashion opportunity for all of the Perfect Models and hope it is one they will cherish for years to come! It is our vision to create an inspiring, contemporary event where Perfect Models may showcase what is an honest and real representation of today’s society!
You are all PERFECT!

We have gone International! We are now World’s Perfect Baby, Little Miss, Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Woman, Classic Woman, Boy, Young Man and Man. Look through the website for more information about this exciting opportunity!

Michael Galanes


2023 Host Hotel For World's Perfect Pageant and Model Search Information:

2023 Host Hotel:
Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort

12205 S. Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32836

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from the Pageant Planet on being named one of the Top Ten Best International Pageants of 2016!

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Congratulations to Our New Queens & King!


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2022 World’s Perfect Classic Woman: LETRICIA LOFTON RUSSELL

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World's Perfect Pageant and Model Search reserves the right for contestants to compete in an age division other than the one for his/her current age at the International Pageant and Model Search

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