2020 Schedule for Man

–Wednesday, July 29, 2020
12:00 NOON
World’s Perfect Man (16 years and up) will check-in.At check-in, each contestant will receive contestant number, complimentary issue of World’s Perfect Model Look Book and Tote Bag, register for any Optional Competitions, purchase admission tickets for friends and family members, and receive information for Pageant Photography Packages.

2:00 PM
Orientation for all World's Perfect Man Contestants to meet with International Director, Michael Galanes and International Producer, Frank Arcidiacono. We will review rules, introduce all of the contestants, and discuss format and schedule. We will demonstrate the modeling pattern on the International Runway.

10:00 PM
Fashion Walk with On-Stage Question: Each male model will wear Wow Wear. Model will order and will be mailed his Wow Wear. The question will be from the Topic 1 on his application that he submitted to the National Office.

–Thursday, July 30, 2020
10:00 AM
Rehearsal on Perfect Runway to learn Opening Number, Summer Fashion and Formal Attire patterns.

12:00 NOON
World's Perfect Man Summer Fashion and Formal Attire Competitions and the Crowning and Award Ceremony for the Wolrd's Perfect Man.

2:00 PM
World's Perfect Man and Top 5 Photoshoot will take place immediately after crowning with Baron Daparre and Associates.

9:00 PM
World's Perfect Man and his court will make an appearance at Orientation for World's Perfect Junior Teen, Teen and Miss. The 2020 lnternational Junior Teen, Teen, Miss and respective courts will have pictures taken in first official Perfect Photo Shoot immediately following crowning with Perfect Photographer, Baron DaParre, (305) 262-5255 or baron1@baron1.com.



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